Monday, June 30, 2008

Two New Years

I think there should be two New Years. Every January I decide that it's time to lose weight. And I do good for several months and then I get bored a stop.....I think it would be great to have two New Year's....double the motivation. Today, I'm back in the drivers seat. I weighed in - down 1.2. Measured myself....I'm up in most places....especially my legs but that's probably from riding....and I started using Fitday's been the only thing that's really helped. I spent all day cooking yesterday and brought breakfast and lunch and then came home and cooked dinner...tomorrow will be the same but I'll have company. We'll be having boneless ribs or chicken - barbeque...a huge salad and a homemade pasta salad made with some seasonings and italian dressing...I am ready to give this another serious this battle, it's never too late to try again...and lots of other people's blogs seem to echo the same here's to starting over for the second half of the year!


Thinking Thin said...

Yep, from this day forward it's going to be better!!!!

Cammy said...

Oh this is brilliant! Two New Years is a wonderful way to look at it. Two chances at renewal and revival.

Congrats n the loss. You're doing a whole lot of things right for yourself, and that's what matters in the long run!