Monday, June 2, 2008


Hi everyone, I'm back from my trip to DC for our anniversary. Had a good time, I'll post more about it later. I just logged yesterdays steps in on As group admin, it tells me that 15 people are participating. I only have 9 including myself so who am I missing? Here's who I have:
Big Girl
The Marlatts
Thinking Thin

Please let me know if you're participating!

(I just used some of the admin features and now they work!!! I'm excited...but still, only 9 have told me who they are...will the others please step forward?!) Good luck to everyone!


Thinking Thin said...

I just logged my steps for yesterday and all I can say is dang, have you checked the group's progress? Something like 205 miles!

Gayla said...

I would love to join if it isn't too late.

Jamie said...

We all do good work on getting our steps in. Last night alone I walked almost 20 miles at work....Really busy night in my neck of the woods!

Gayla said...

Yes, please add me. Thanks!

WillBFineby2009 said...

Hi there I am NEW But Thinkin Thin Gal Bonnie???has to first fix my name change I am willbfineby2009 not willbefinein2009.
My question /comment is I am pacific coast & I haven't read the America movin site(its Monday early) I simply signed up. I am a member of the YMCA R any of u folks.I would love it if u could send me a quick undown on the good that site will be .IF U DON'T MIND!!!!I am needing all the buddy help on by 50 lbs weigh loss that I need to happen & I am on a great roll since I joined the Y May 20th this 08 year!....Thanks Dianne