Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Hello All....I am still alive. My life continues to be rocky...but I refuse to sound like a downer...I am trying to be optimistic. I just earned a new badge. I'm down over 30 pounds....wish it were more but it is a start. I lost all my blogs on my blog roll and I'd like to build it back up. If you'd like to be added, please leave a comment!!

Sunday, February 1, 2009

100th Post!

I purposely haven't blogged in awhile because I knew this would be my 100th post. I wanted it to be quirky and smart, something to recapture anyone who's continued to read this for the past year....and I found my motivation waning....and couldn't think of anything that would leave a mark.
And then my life suddenly came to a screeching halt. My father died 6 days ago. He was only 65. He had been living with a terminal illness but was doing well.....he had his first hospitalization over New Years and spent the following three weeks feeling great! And then two weeks ago, he asked me to bring him back to the hospital because his leg was swollen and he had a fever. That whole day, everyone asked him how he felt and he kept saying he felt fine...a few days later....he's gone. It's been an awful week....and now that the dust's settled, life needs to restart. And I don't feel ready for that. In fact, I don't feel anything like I used to anymore...
The day before he got sick again I weight 256...up two pounds from the start of the year. The day after he died, I was down to 242....today I'm at 250....I want to get healthy for my dad....he would've wanted me to be happy and healthy....he wouldn't want my weight to hold me back from anything....so starting tomorrow....I am going to work on myself for myself, in honor of my father. And I am honored that my father could be a part of my 100th post!