Sunday, April 24, 2011

Return of the MOJO~

I feel like I'm finally getting my groove on!!! I went to PT at 6AM 3 days this week - and it was good!! I woke up early every day and didn't feel any more exhausted than normal. I forced myself to go to bed early. I spent a lot of time this week helping a friend edit her thesis...I'm proud of her - she did a great job!! Despite today being Easter ( Happy Easter), we made it to Lowes and bought a rake and I spent 2 hours outside raking...cleaned out my tulips and one bed of bushes and cleaned up the back of the house...what a mess!! I even found two men's sneakers and one little girl's shoe...then I moved into the house and emptied 3 boxes which meant reorganizing every cabinet....I am so exhausted...but then I made and ate dinner, made lunch for my husband and I and put away some laundry.....the husband has done some stuff on the house too...we're finally both working on it! I bought some more Sensa stuff....a carrying container, some chews and a 10 day jump start...May 1st - here I come!!! The lawn mower and the bike both made it to the shop for their tune ups so I should be mowing and riding soon...and gyming's hoping this mojo continues!!

Sunday, April 17, 2011


Somewhere along the way, in all of my planning and preparing, I had a failure to launch in I never did anything. I've lacked motivation on all fronts. Today I"ve been somewhat productive. I got up and made breakfast and lunch, took a shower, made it to Target for some storage bins and went through some boxes. There's now a pile of things that need to go up in the attic for storage and a very long list of very short projects that I'd love my spouse to get done! Things like hang my bulletin and cork boards, put up the curtains, finish painting the dining room....and we should be getting a dumpster soon with the neighbor so that will erradicate so much clutter in our house and yard. I've been trying to bag up garbage so there's less stuff but it also feels like I've been buying a lot of stuff and I still haven't unpacked most of my belongings. I'm hoping to finish organizing the office and closet so there's nothing in the office but the original 3 peices of furniture....if I get that done, my dresser can temporarily make it in here and I can unpack more of my clothes....I also bought totes to start organizing my health a beauty products....I just want this mess done! Starting tomorrow, I'm going to PT at 6am because I'm tired of racing to make it there after work and not getting home until 7 or 8. I've also layed low with the social obligations. I'm feeling rather burned out for the same reason. If I can sustain getting up that early, I'd like to try going to the gym early too. May, I've decided is Sensa month so hopefully between going to the gym in the AM and the Sensa, I can get back on track. No gains but definately no losses!!