Wednesday, October 24, 2012

245.6....3.4 pounds less than WW... Wish I could count this weight instead....

Thursday, October 18, 2012

10 things I love about me

This weeks challenge is to love yourself and say ten things you love about yourself. This is a tough one for me because 100% of the time, I don't like anything about me. I'm not rolling in self esteem. So, here goes...
1. I like my feet. I know this seems weird since many people don't like feet to start with but they're my favorite body part on me. They are long and lean, easy to dress, always fit. I have a tattoo on my left foot and it looks cute in sandals. So that's a safe body part.
2. I am generous. I will give you money, the shirt off my back, my last free moment...whatever you's yours!
3. I have a great sense of humor. I can make most people laugh and I love to tease people. Laughter is definitely good medicine.
4. I can bake and cake decorate like it's no one's business. I am by no means the greatest, but my cupcakes and cake make people smile and I like making people happy.
5. I love the way my eyes change color. They can be blue, grey or green and any shade in between. They always give me away.
6. I love my teeth. They're all in there, mostly straight and generally white. My husband says I have chicklet teeth!
7. I have a great memory...hope it sticks with me because it's nice to remember where you met someone, a personal detail, the reason why you're doing something or how to get somewhere.
8. I love that I look like my parents, because I'm adopted and I love the story that allows me to tell. My past has helped to make me who I am.
9. I love that I love sports. I like to work out and be active. I love to be involved in sports and love my gymnastics team. I wish I had more time to be involved with more activities.
10. I love my motivation. When I want something I go after it. I stick with it and I achieve it.

How bout everyone else - how are your lists coming?

Tuesday, October 16, 2012

247.6....that's what the scale says today. Not sure I believe it since I had a gain by WW standards but I will take it!

Wednesday, October 10, 2012

What I am thankful for

I am thankful for my pets. These two girls filled a huge hole in my heart after we lost our boys. They make me smile and laugh but they also stress me out....they are my family and i dont know what I would do without them!

Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Crappy weigh in

I found out today I didn't get the job transfer....things have been just plain yucky and my eating hasn't been the I'm WW weigh in was better but I'm keeping it honest....hopefully Saturday's weigh in looks better.

Sunday, October 7, 2012

Week 4

Well here I am, 4 weeks into my current weight loss journey and this may be my most successful attempt. I don't know what's made this time click, or why WW even works for me....except it is. For the first time in a few years, I am hopeful that I can change my life. And that is good right now since I feel hopeless for so many other reasons. So let's start with my WW weigh in - I'm down to 249.4....250 seems to be the number I get stuck at so if I lose a little this week or even maintain, I'm finally under it for more than a flash. .4 pounds and I've lost 10 pounds....4 pounds and I've lost 5 tangible. My challenge for this week's fall challenge is to talk about what my plans are for the next 4 weeks...unfortunately and fortunately, my next 4 weeks include a weeks stay in Las Vegas....I'm hoping that doesn't ruin my weight loss but I'm fairly confident that I can even manage to lose! My goal for the next 4 weeks is to increase my activity. I'm not going to the gym, or working out with my trainer friend or even walking/running/hiking/biking....I need to do these things most days...I've noticed that I lost a bit of weight in my arms and I look flabbier...I have a ton of weight to go so I'm afraid I'm going to look like I've melted when all is said and done so my goal is to earn at least 15 activity points each week. Hope everyone else is doing well!

Opps so I didn't read the week 4 challenge completely...I needed to have 3 goals. So here they are:
1. At least 15 points of activity per week
2. Only use activity points and not points plus points for the week (this excludes my vacation week)
3. Show a loss after my trip to Vegas!

Tuesday, October 2, 2012

3rd weigh in

It says 248.6. I don't really believe it but I have been having some bad days and haven't been eating much. At least there's some positive... I think I'm missing something tho.... Was there something I was supposed to do, or something due for next week?