Tuesday, July 28, 2009

For every good day I've had, it seems a few bad have followed...Lately it feels like everyone's feeling the need to be super critical of me...I can't seem to do anything right...and I'm ok with criticism..it makes me a better person...but the constant barage of it is wearing me down. Training is going well...I finally bought a bike and I love it!!! My weight is up and down but I feel like I'm looking different. My dad's birthday would've been Friday - he would've been 66. I really miss him.... My hubby's best friend is getting married on Sunday and we're going away on vacation Monday...can't wait! How is everyone else doing?

Monday, July 13, 2009


I am jealous of everyone who has summers off.
I am jealous of everyone who still has their parents.
I am jealous of everyone who makes more money than me, has less debt than me.
I am jealous of everyone getting married now, despite the fact that I'm married and love my husband.
I am jealous of all the first time home buyers while we're still trying to get our affairs in order.
I am jealous of everyone who's household has two full time wage earners.
I am jealous of everyone who's passed the LCSW test.
I am jealous of all my fellow riders who have new bikes when all I have is a busted mountain bike....
I am jealous of a lot of things....and am struggling to move forward when it feels like everything is pushing me back!

Monday, July 6, 2009

Thank you and HELP ME

First I want to thank the 7 people who still read my blog...and thank you to the handful of lurkers as well. It is nice to feel heard and share a common struggle...speaking of struggle...I am eating everything in sight! I have been training with my trainer now for a month and a half and I feel so totally different but I haven't lost any weight...and part of my problem is that I'm eating too much. I just went shopping tonight and the house has food but my life has been crazy....went to a concert, had a picnic, went to a team party, working two jobs, going to the gym and getting home late...the excuses are innumerable...this week I have a training session tomorrow and work before and after, Wednesday I have work then going to a chiropractor, Thursday is work and a training session and Friday is a white water rafting party for one of my gymnasts...Saturday I have off for once and hope to spend with hubby and Sunday I'm going to the circus....somewhere in there I need to study. Finally...just reaching out there...I still need more donations for my bike ride....for the actual group and for myself....I'm trying to buy a nice bike since this is something I really enjoy and I need to pay for my airfare...so if anyone is willing to donate, here's my link: https://www.tourdavita.org/donate/Megan_Gervais_1407/index.html