Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Gym Bunnies

I like working out. I like being physically active. I do not like going to the gym. I do not like forcing myself to work out. I'm having a tough time getting "formal" exercise in. I coach competitve women's gymnastics and I'm in the gym 7 hours a week. Some of that time, I'm sweating my butt off throwing kids through the air, lifting kids, stretching kids, chasing kids....other times I'm sitting there watching routines....but it's 7 hours of the week I'm not eating....I also work full time and I live 35 miles away from work so I have quite the commute. I find it so difficult to go home and then go back out to the gym.....once I get home, I'm done. Because I'm working 12 hours a day, the thought of waking up at 4 to go the gym doesn't appeal to me. We have an elliptical but I can't use it in the morning because it's noisy and at night, I hardly have energy to take a shower and fall asleep. Days that I'm not working the second job, I try to go bike riding or walking or swimming...and it's easier now...but I envy gym bunnies...people who've made exercise such a priority that it's as normal for them to go to the gym as it is to go to the bathroom. I want to be that person. So how does everyone motivate themselves to exercise?

On another note, I rode for 6 miles yesterday on my bike. I got a bike rack for my car and went to the trail....it was tough but great!! And I think I realized why my weight was going the wrong way.... TOM this week. DUH!


Cammy said...

On some days that I have a lot of on-my-feet physical activity (lifting, raking, etc.), I don't worry about additional exercise. Last Tuesday, for example, I worked in the yard for over an hour. I swear, I must've done 50 squats! :) I do wear my HRM so that I don't count rest breaks, etc. It seems to be working okay.

Big Girl said...

With your schedule no wonder it's hard to find motivation to work out! sheesh! Since my biggest form of exercise right now is walking at lunch I get my motivation from knowing that I'll be outside enjoying the sun and fresh air and not being chained to my desk at work.

Good luck!

Heather said...

i used to be a gym bunnie before catherine arrived and now there is no time or money for a membership. i miss those days.

Anonymous said...

I know what you mean! I envy those girls too! I am trying to re-create myself into a gym bunnie, But its hard! I asked the same motivation question. And someone told me to develop a "robot" mentality. Just know that it is part of your day, grab your water, your music, and just go to the gym. Don't think about it. And before we know it...we will suddenly be gym bunnies!! Imagine that!