Thursday, May 1, 2008

I'm cursed

I've been having one hell of a week and it even started last week with some poison ivy, which I must mention, I was able to get a second time. But at least I'm still on meds for it. On Monday, I went home from work early because I didn't feel right. I'm someone who's totally in tune with my body so I knew something wasn't right. I spent the next 3 hours in a restless sleep, proceeded by spending the rest of the night somewhere between the porcelain throne and the bed....fevers, chills, fun!! So I weighed myself yesterday and I was down a pound and a half....I still didn't have an appetite...I was hoping to see some small change..then last night, until now still, I've had some kind of lower GI started last night and I spent another night hopping between the bathroom and bedroom. I stepped on the scale last night to see if there was any difference and I accidentally cracked my scale...oh the humiliation....but it wasn't because of my weight and it's still working perfectly fine. It just irks me that there's a crack in it now. I thought....I was feeling better this morning, but nope, not stomach is making all kinds of interesting noises....and I've still been a hostage to the bathroom...and I wanted to see if there was any change on the scale this morning. I was down another pound and a I took my measurements, because it's been a real change, which makes me sad because I've been stepping up the exercise and lost over 10 pounds in the last month. But I tend to alternate between pounds and I logged my weight and my measurements and changed my ticker. I didn't change my sidebar because I'm afraid by Saturday, I'll be up 3 pounds, no loss....but I too am a scale junkie and couldn't resist weighing here's to hoping that Saturday will show some kind of loss, but for now I'm celebrating the 3 pounds gone this week which, if they're still gone on Saturday, will mean I've lost over 10% of my body weight!