Monday, May 5, 2008


So I just wanted to post here what my goals were for the month of April so that looking back, I can see what I already did. So here they are:

Diet Goals~
4/7-4/13 No carbs from bread, rice, potatoes, corn or pasta
4/14-4/20 No rice or pasta, cookies or crackers, limit bread
4/21- 4/27 Limit carbs, take more than 15 minutes to eat each meal
4/28 - 5/4 - No fast food (only exception - grocery store run)

Fitness Goals~
4/7-4/13 Go to the Y once this week (Met 4/7)
4/14-4/20 One day at the Y, one day walking (Met 4/18)
4/21- 4/27 Walk 3x this week (Met 4/25)
4/28 - 5/4 Walk 3x this week and go to gym 1x

My goal for this week is not to have a goal. I am going to be away for this weekend and I'm sure my eating will be off. I'm just hoping to be able to make fairly good decisions and not come back 5 pounds heavier. If I plan it right, I can actually bring some healthy snacks so that could be a good thing - something good to snack on while in my hotel room or on the way to the meets. I stepped on the scale yesterday morning and I was down an additional 1.6 pounds. I learned my lesson so I'm not going to count it on my ticker, but it was there....I'll probably weigh in on Friday. Hope everyone's having a good week!


Cammy said...

Congrats on the 1.6!

I really like that your goals are progressive and changing. It's so much easier (hah!) to avoid that in-a-rut feeling that way.

Enjoy your weekend!

Felicia said...

Congrats on the loss!! I love your list of goals. Looks like you are so on your way!! Keep on keeping on!!


Holly said...

Great loss! 1.6 seems to be a common number this week. Your goals are looking great! I hope you have a great week and feel good too!