Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Summer Blog Party

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So I've been doing the Healthy You Challege for quite a few weeks and have been striving to lose weight since January and Scale Junkie decided that this summer she wants to do a Summer Blog Party that will consist of many different contests and giveaways. I decided that I wanted to participate and do a contest as part of her summer blog party.
I've been walking and logging in all my steps on the America on the Move Website to try to get myself moving more. I decided that my contest would be a 6 week walking challenge with me on the America on the Move website. I'll be starting a new challenge soon and hopefully everyone will be able to particpate in it with me. Once you're registered for my group - titled the "Summer Blog Party Walkers", all you have to do is log your steps daily. I'm still trying to iron out all the kinks but the group is up. To register:
1. go to
2. Click on "Get Involved Today"
3. Click on Full Individual Access
4. Answer all questions
5. Enter the registration code - RSU112098

I'm planning on starting the challenge on 6/1/08 and will be ending on 07/13/08. Whoever logs the most steps will get a brand new pair of New Balance Walking Shoes. I'll post a picture of the prize later. When you join the group, you should see my information. I'm currently doing a challenge that lasts until Sunday. It's neat because every day, when I log my steps, it moves me down a trail with all kinds of stops. So, please let me know if you want to participate and please sign up if you want to participate. I'll be posting more information this week!


Big Girl said...

I'm hosting a walking challenge as part of the Summer Blog Party as well. I hope we can get some of the same participants since you're is a bit different than mine, and your prize ROCKS!

Big Girl said...

Glad you're game for my challenge, count me in on yours!

Thinking Thin said...

I'm in. I am going to go sign up now!

Jamie said...

I joined your challenge today! I can hardly wait to start!

Angie said...

Just joined your challenge today. Looking forward to it. Thanks

Anonymous said...

I'm a bit late to the party but I just joined. In terms of belonging to the challenge, are people just purely counting their walking time or are you converting other activities as well (like weight training etc.) I don't have a pedometer but want to convert from hours of activity. I hope this is okay. This looks so fun!