Tuesday, January 26, 2010

525,600 minutes

That's how many minutes there are in a year. That's how many minutes I've been without my father. It's been a long and painful year for me. On New Years Day, I felt a relief that 2009 was out the door, today, I feel relief that I've made it to 1 year. I would do anything to have my father back, anything...and this day doesn't feel special, it feels empty....a year ago, it was one of the worst...a day similar to today - the sun was shining...I'd like to think my dad was floating up to where ever he was headed....he didn't get there for a few days....I felt him get there...Daddy....I miss you, more than anything and I love you, even though you're not here to receive that love!! 7/31/1943-1/26/2009.

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