Friday, May 29, 2009

For the record

I hope this post doesn't offend anyone....but I feel I need to talk something out....I've been trying to be very introspective lately...and it's come to my attention that I don't have as much personal support as I'd like....but I was talking about this with some people and they were telling me that it's because I don't talk about my feelings much or try to reach I've been trying to do that on here....but maybe I'm expressing too much....or using really deep words....
I know that when I'm talking about my dad or my cat I talk about deep grief and I guess that makes people feel uncomfortable or like I'm on the edge. But for those that do not know, I am a social that language, that way of expressing myself is normal. I am depressed, I am grief-stricken, I am anxious....but I am also in control. I will be the first person to recommend therapy to someone, as I am a therapist myself by training, but I don't feel I need it...I am progressing through the stages of grief and trying to move forward. I've also had a bad experience as a youth with therapy and just can't jump back into that. But I appreciate everyone's concern and comments about therapy. And I know this sounds defensive...I'm working on that...but I just want people to understand why I use such strong words and that I'm going to be ok...this is a process and with my dad, it's only been 4 months...and with my cat....I just want to make sure he's having the best life possible and I'm not keeping him alive for me....that's he happy and as healthy as he can be. Thanks!! Please leave comments if you still love me!

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