Thursday, April 29, 2010

Had ice cream twice today....pretty sure that's a diet no-no. Breakfast was a piece of whole wheat toast, a banana, some egg whites and veggies....lunch was a veggie platter, grapes and some Trader's penne ala vodka....had a toasted almond ice cream bar and then went to this fantastic ice cream place down the street....bad!! Dinner was a salad from subway...prolly not the worst eating, definately not the best, but I'm hoping to pull out at least a 1lb loss....getting there!!!!


MaryFran said...

No, twice in one day could probably be called excessive. BUT, looking at your food for the looks like you ate healthy and that the ice cream probably didn't push you too far into the 'oh my word I totally blew it' land!

Oh didn't tell me what you got at the fantastic ice cream place down the street....please don't say a huge banana split! If you do, i will probably jump through the computer in order to visit that fantastic ice cream place myself...I LOVE banana splits!

Heather said...

ok so i have been slacking horibly the last couple weeks...i need a kick in the butt and get going again so feel free to email me when you get a chance to make sure i am eating healthy again!