Sunday, April 25, 2010

Eating out=no good

I've come to the realization that eating out is totally no good for me! I know, duh~ I went to 99 with my husband Friday night and we shared the steak and cheese spring rolls....I knew those were no good for me but whoa!!! So I figured I was being good by getting the chicken fajitas - I don't really like sour cream or all the salsa stuff so it was basically chicken, peppers, onions, lettuce, cheese and a shell...I made 2 and brought the rest home...holy 1400 calories!!! Yesterday, the only thing I ate was food from Olive Garden.....yikes....4 bread sticks, one salad and the 5 cheese ziti al forno is 2000 calories!!! I did have an NSV though, I drank like 100 oz of water since I knew I was going to be high on sodium and I'm down to one coffee and one diet soda a day....I was in the gym for 4 hours yesterday too so I got a little workout. My husband brought me home dinner and I didn't eat it until now. He got me a salad, bread and spaghetti from our favorite italian joint....I just had the piece of bread, salad and a small bowl of spaghetti....I'm sure high in calories....but I only ate a little bit and I'm full - I think my tummy is shrinking....I'm also taking my metformin which my dad always said killed his appetite...and I'm down 4 pounds this week....I know I need to be more strict with my food...especially during the weekend...but it feels good to be invested in myself!

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MaryFran said...

Good job with being down 4 pounds!

Eating out is so difficult for me also on so many levels. First for the temptation of all the super yummy choices. Secondly because of lack of control over ingredients and how it's prepared. Thirdly because of portions. And last but not least we are just conditioned to 'let loose' when we go out to eat!

We can do this though!