Wednesday, April 2, 2008


So yesterday I was going to post all these goals I'd like to achieve in the near future - Mind you I have so many that I need to achieve. And I was looking at other people's blogs and they wrote down all these goals they want to achieve...and I thought - it's too much and it sets me up for failure. Now this is just me, and I know I have a bunch of goals but if I threw them all into this one post and then didn't achieve just one of them, I'd feel like a failure. So I've made a plan for myself. I'm going to add another side bar and write one goal for the week. My goal, starting Monday 4/7/08- 4/13/08 is going to be to eat no carbs - by this I mean, no bread, no pasta, no rice, no potatoes, no corn. I will still be eating fruit and I know this counts as a carb too, but it's a different kind. I don't know if I'll be able to do this but I want to try. I'm also planning on setting a fitness goal to. Next weeks goal is going to be to go to the gym once. I have a free membership to the YMCA but for some reason, I don't want to go! I also have a huge desk calendar that we haven't been using so I'm going to go to the craft store today and use a gift card that I got for Christmas and buy a ton of stickers....I'm going to get one for drinking over 8 glasses of water a day, one for meeting my food goal for the week and one for me exercise goal for the week and maybe some cute stickers for the weight I lose...but I've been stuck for the last month, losing and gaining the same 5 pounds, and surprisingly I haven't given up yet, and what I'm doing feels comfortable. I also think that if I don't lose at least 15 pounds between now and June 1st, I'm going to try WW because maybe I need a change of scenery. So here's to one new goal a week and adding a new goal each week to build upon the last!! Anyone out there who wants to set a goal with me is more than welcome. When I started, I had an email buddy where we emailed what we ate each day and it helped keep me accountable - I'm up for more buddies too!


Erin said...

That sounds like a great plan. I kept my goals simple...that way I will know exactly what I'm focusing on.

Hanlie said...

I also believe in adding one good habit per week and sticking with that until it's set before adding another one. Sure you may not lose much weight in the beginning, but you gain momentum, instead of losing it, which is normally what happens on a diet!

~**Dawn**~ said...

Finding a system that works for *you* is very important. And also I think that identifying that you will do better if you have one or two small goals that are attainable to focus on is something that's very smart. That way you are not sabotaging your own goals!