Thursday, January 17, 2008

Day off weigh in and oh so delicious discovery!

So I had the most wonderful day today!! Got to sleep in late because it was my day off, which meant it's a weigh in day. I'm down a total of ten pounds since New Years!! And I am so excited. And I got to spend this wonderful day with Heather...who's helping with me with this losing weight thing (Thanks!). So we went to Subway for lunch and had some sandwiches and chips..not too bad...then we got a craving for Cold Stone. We figured out that their light vanilla ice cream with strawberries and marshmellows is actually not that bad for you. And things got even better when we went to Target and I got this neat cover for my new Ipod and I found out that they make 100 calorie chocolate bars.


~**Dawn**~ said...

I know Heather seemed to find lots of little snacks that worked with her plan last time. Something to take the edge off a craving without killing all your hard work. I bet she can give you lots of ideas! =)

ericadanya said...

congratulations! 10 lbs since new years is an AMAZING accomplishment! Go you! :) xo Erica

Heather said...

we had a great time too... thanks for coming up and spending the day. now that i am back with a computer we shall continue with the daily emails!