Monday, July 14, 2008

Summer Blog Party Challenge - DONE

Thank you to everyone who participated in my Summer Blog Party Challenge. Hope everyone had a fun time doing it. All together, we walked just under 3 million steps....that's almost 1400 miles...almost all the way across the country. 17 people, including me participated. I only contributes 384,000 steps, but that's a big increase from the last challenge I did. I need everyone who participated to email me their total numbers and I will announce the winner Wednesday morning. Please don't forget to complete logging in your steps on I am now able to see everyone's total steps so I can tell if you cheated =). If I don't receive your response before Wednesday morning, you are no longer elligible - sorry!! I'll make sure to check the report Wednesdya morning too! I'll be emailing the winner on Wednesday and I'll need your shoe size and address.....Hope everyone had a great weekend and thanks again to everyone who checked it out!


Big Girl said...

Hey there... I finished logging all my steps this week but failed to look at my grand total and now I can't get back to the page that has all my steps taken on it. Oh well. Sorry I totally blew it but I'm super glad we covered so much ground. It's amazing!

Angie said...

All minutes are logged and they sent me the conversions into steps. I sent the total to you via email. It was amazing to see how many steps each of my activities was, truly amazing.

To the poster above, you can log back in and click on myAOM at the top of the AOM website and the step total should still be to the top right.

Great job everyone! Keep moving.

Thinking Thin said...

Well, I have been really bad about keeping track of my steps lately. My pedometer annoys me. In fact, I stopped wearing it. I was doing really good in the beginning and was going to make my goal and am pretty sure I did, I just don't have written proof of in all fairness I am not going to give you what I think my total is. Anyway, I have monster feet probably couldn't get them in my Thank you though. It was a blast seeing my little stops along my trek across the country :)