Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Jumbled and Restricted....

So I had a bitch of a day at work....two people I work with can be very moody and today was no exception...I was yelled at like a little kid all day....so I'm angry today. Then a friend and I went to get ice cream...mind you it's my first day try Weight Watchers...so I told her no but she begged....and even there, I couldn't make a good decision - I got this awesome peanut butter ice cream. I figured it to be about 6 points...used my calculator...so I've just eaten dinner, I had a baked chicken patty, some homemade pasta with dressing and some peas....dinner equalled 10 points...but I've been taking little samples of everything. It's like now that I know I'm doing WW, I can't eat. And I know in reality, that's not the case....I ate fine today...but I feel like everything is forbidden. I felt guilty about the ice cream so I went to my parents and swam for an hour....and all of my eating was spaced out so it wasn't like I grazed....I just said to my husband that we should have a rule in the house - no dieting during the summer....During the week I do fine, weekends, I'm tired and don't feel like doing this...and summer is full of picnics....so I think I should only diet 9 months out of the year....which obviously hasn't worked in the past....so I'll give this as much effort as I can muster...and I will just keep on setting dates to start over....but I really do want to lose 15 pounds before my bike ride...
Speaking of bike ride....I hate soliciting for funds, it's totally not my thing, but this bike tour is so neat...and for such a good cause and I watched a 5 minute video from last year and was so moved....I still need to raise $400 and I'm afraid I won't have enough....If I don't have enough, I can't go...so if anyone is interested in supporting my bike tour which supports kidney disease, here's the website: www.tourdavita.org/donate/lovebug6100/index.html
And one final message, Sunday is the last day of my Summer Blog Party Challenge. I'll need everyone to tell me by Monday, what there total was and I will announce the winner Tuesday morning - sound fair?
Hope everyone had a wonderful 4th!


Cammy said...

Summe rwas easier for me to start because of all the fresh fruits and veggies, but that doesn't do much for a lot of people. :)

Would you be satisfied trying to eat "on plan" all week, and then allowing for the summer-y weekends, when necessary? You might not lose as much, but you might feel better about the program and your efforts. Just a thought.

Erin said...

hey girlie, I can't comply with summer dieting either, too much yummy stuff on the weekends, but hang in there you'll get it.

Also I got your comment, but don't have a way to email you my new blog link.


Heather said...

hang in there. do not feel guilty about the stuff you eat. i have learned that it is only cheating when you waste your points on useless things or go way over the points. we can keep each other going. as of friday i will have exactly one year to lose all the weight and i know it took over a year the first time (without exercise) so i am really going to force myself to buckle down. i am going to print the picture of myself that i posted holding catherine and put a copy of it on the fridge and the cabinets and in my purse. hoping that helps.

Big Girl said...

Sorry about the whole work thing, that just sucks.

I've never done WW because I'm not diligent enough to calculate and count points. I just eat much smaller portions and try and choose foods that are healthier.

My husband "diets" during the week and doesn't on the weekends and that plan seems to work for him. He's lost about 20 pounds in tha past few months.

Maybe you can still make WW work for you and not feel guilty about food that you're eating.

I'll get my challenge results to you and remember I've got you signed up for my challenge...good luck in that!

MaryFran said...

Hey....where are we to post our numbers? I completed 716,794 steps (or equivalent)