Saturday, November 26, 2011

Welcome to 30!

I just celebrated my 30th birthday... it's weird to think that's I've been alive that long! I realize now that I wasted my 20's on being fat.....I didn't let it hold me back because I'm not like that....but I spent a lot of time hating myself and wasting time and money on husband threw me a surprise birthday party and I almost missed out on it because I felt uncomfortable in my body....I feel like there are fewer things that I want to do because I feel uncomfortable...I hate pictures, I hate social events...there's so much more that I want....and it's time to suck it up and do here's what I want in my 30th year:
- to lose 50 lbs
- to stop wasting time adjusting clothing that doesn't fit
- to participate in life and not stop doing things because of my size or appearance
- get pregnant
- shock Karen by how much I've changed since she saw me
- shock everyone by my different body
- get laser hair removal
- wear a bathing suit and impress someone
- get compliments
- spend time on my appearance
- help my husband be healthy
- finish this house
- LOVE myself!!

I'll be blogging more - I need to! I need to be ok with failures but never give up on effort...I need to follow my allergy free lifestyle and go to the gym....I need to be a priority...for once.

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