Sunday, March 27, 2011

T-24 hours

Starting tomorrow, I start another attempt at changing my life, at putting me first, and doing something to keep me alive. I still don't know if I'm picked for Win, Lose or Blog - but I continue to hold out hope. My Colorful Choices challenge starts tomorrow - for those who don't know what it is - my work is sponsoring a challenge where you eat and log as many fruits and veggies as possible for about 6 weeks...I'm using that as a motivator to swap out carbs...I also decided that I'm going to challenge myself to something else. As anyone who's chronically dieted, I have amassed a huge collection of diet books. I secretly think each one is going to teach me something new or be the cure...the same thing I've done with each new diet product. So I'm challenging myself to finally read these books - write a review and maybe even try the techniques the following month. The first book I'm starting with is "The Eat this, not that NO diet diet". I also have 6 months of Sensa which I did well with when I tried it for 2 weeks...I think after this month, I'll go back and really commit to the 6 months....I don't know why I've allowed myself to continue to live like this, especially because it makes me miserable. Why do we do this to ourselves?

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Mama Bear June said...

Not sure what different books you have, but the one that really worked for me was the Flat Belly Diet. Four 400 calorie meals a day, a MUFA at every meal (monounsaturated fatty acids - nuts, olive or other healthy oil, olives, dark chocolate), no more than 4 hours between eating. It gives you a lot of ideas on what a 400 calorie meal looks like and gives you options for eating out, too! The exercise I do is either walking or 30 minutes on a mini-trampoline. Nothing too drastic. :-) I also lift small weights. Helps tighten things up.