Sunday, March 6, 2011

Being the Example

I don't generally think of myself as someone anyone would aspire to be like or think that anyone would think of me as a role model...but the reality is - I am...and I haven't been setting a good example. I coach gymnastics - I work with about 25 girls - most of whom like me and look up to me. And lately I've been looking back at old pictures from when I started working with them and more recent pictures and realize I look like crap. I coach in a sport where body image is everything...and I'm giving off the wrong image. I want the girls to be proud of their coach, not embarrased by how big their I am motivated, for my girls....

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Sassy said...

I think that there are probably many people who look up to you.
Although I don't know much about gymnastics, as with any sport/activity, a positive coach, encouraging, supportive, fun, fair, etc is one that your girls will look up to.

That said, I find different things motivate me and the kids around me are a big factor. Whether I am coaching or just teaching, I want to be a good healthy role model.