Thursday, February 10, 2011

I'm feeling better...writing all of that out was good for me...being home alone with my thoughts has been rather painful and cathartic...I don't really like myself all that much, and truthfully, no one really does. But I am committed to changing myself for the better. I am committed to losing this weight, I am committed to being more introspective. I am committed to doing the right thing. And I know there will be tough times and pitfalls...but I can get through them...and find people who like me for me...this week I am down to 254.2 - I only have 4.2 to go and 2.5 weeks - totally attainable....and since I've committed to this ride...I must commit to myself...let this be the last time I've said I'm going to do it...just do it!

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Twix said...


It's hard not having a support system - outside of here.

I wish I had the words - you know the right thing to say. I'm at a loss.

This I know though if it's something you want. You will do it. :) We have to fight for ourselves. I agree it would be nice to have people at home be in our corner. That's not always the case. But that doesn't mean failure. It just means we have to be our biggest cheerleader all that much more.

You can do this. (((more hugs)))