Thursday, May 20, 2010

Under the category of TMI - I got my period yesterday. I've been crampy for the past few days but thought nothing of it and then yesterday, here it is!! I am almost exstatic about this!!! ;) When I get my period, weight loss seems to happen easier. The scale has been kind to me the last 2 days, so much so that I often need to check my weight and sadly, the second weight is always the same goal was to be at 250 by Monday and that does not appear attainable....It's ok...whatever weight I'm at on Monday will be better than a year ago and I'm going to set another 10 pound goal for the month. My ultimate short term goal is to weigh 235 for Tour DaVita...though less would be nice...but that's about 10 pounds less than last year and like 25 from the first time I did it. I am bound and determined to be smaller...and reach for that goal in smaller increments. Please donate to my bike ride - it's tax deductible...Thanks!!

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