Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Round 2

Round 2 - and so begins a second month along this lifelong journey to be the size of everyone else. I weighed in at 256.2, a total loss of 4.6. I have mixed feelings about this - I always do....I knew on Thursday or last week, after the previous disasterous weekend, that I was not going to hit my goal of ten pounds....so I did what I always do....whatever I felt like. My weekend eating wasn't all that great and I wasn't physically active, other than 4 hours of practice. So on Monday, I faced the music...I was up. But the smarter part of me is embracing the 4.6 that is gone. That's 4.6 that hopefully will not return. And 5 pounds in a month is a reasonable and sustainable loss. This morning, I was down another pound, still a bit above my recent lowest weight. I have been much more vigilant and resumed drinking water and using my Sensa...already feeling a difference. I am seeing my trainer for the first time in many months and hoping to squeeze in some cycling tomorrow....I'm back on track and looking to lose another 10 pounds this month....if I always shoot for ten and come up with 5, I will still get there!!! There's no timeframe....~!


Tava Tea said...


Cool site you've got here. Thanks for it.

Sincerely yours

MaryFran said...

I'm glad that the 'smarter you' is embracing your loss for last month. A loss is a loss!!!!