Monday, May 10, 2010

Great eating day today...only 47 grams of fat total....that's way less than normal...calories still high- around 2000. I showed a loss today. Only .2 but it's reassuring that I'm doing the right things. I started a trial of Sensa today and I like makes me less hungry and fuller quicker...unless that's my brain telling me that because those are the desired results. Either way it's a win for me....I...I don't know...I'm feeling it again this week...maybe in preparation for this weekend's's to another pound gone by next Monday...I have 2 weeks to my goal and still 5 lbs to go...even if I don't make it there, I'm heading in the right direction!

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MaryFran said...

Never say "ONLY" to any loss! A loss is a loss!!!!! :-)