Monday, February 4, 2008

Weight loss survery

Diet and Weight Survey
Weight (If comfortable revealing):245
Goal Weight:175
Highest Weight:264
Lowest Weight:200
Are you currently dieting?:yes, but more like watching what I eat
What diet do you follow?:I use Fitday, but I'm only counting calories and such, nothing formal
How many calories do you take in daily?:1800-2000
How many fat grams do you take in daily?:50-65
How many carbs do you take in daily?:not too sure
What is your favorite diet meal?:Boneless spare ribs, pasta with light olive oil and garlic and tons of cooked veggies
What are three of your favorite dieting snacks?...#1:any of the 100 calorie packs
3:fresh veggies cut up with ff salad dressing
How many bottles of water do you drink daily?:4, 16.9 oz bottles
Do you take a dietary aid?:yes
If so, What one(s)?:Meridia, it's by prescription only
How long does it take you to eat a meal?:about 5 minutes...not the healthiest but I'm working on it
Do you watch your carbs?:not yet, but I know I'll have to to lose the last bit
Do you watch your sugars?:no...but I'm not a sweets eater
Do you drink Soda?:once a week, and it's diet...soda's not good for weight loss
Do you like any strange low fat foods?:define strange? I like veggies....they're strange to a fat person
What is your favorite fruit?:pineapple
What is your favorite veggie?:carrots
What kind(s) of exercise do you do? Name 5...#1:swimming
4:lifting weights
5:bike riding
What gets you pumped to exercise?:nothing sadly...or I'd do it more often
Do you like exercising?:once I'm doing it
What jeans size are you currently?:20
Shirt size currently?:26...that won't change much
What is your goal jeans size?:10
Your goal shirt size?:large
What body part do you want to look stellar when you are done losing weight?:my face, and my stomach
Why do you want to lose weight?:To be healthier, more attractive, to correct some health issues
Do you think meeting your goal weight will make you happier?:I hope so...or I'll eat everything and have to do it all over again
How do you plan to keep it off?:continue to monitor what I eat, stay active
What is one thing you look forward to being able to do once lose all weight:not feel self conscious all the time
What is the first thing you will do on the day you meet your goal?:celebrate with my hubby...spend some time shopping
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