Friday, February 1, 2008


Today were my first measurements, to see how my body is changing. I'm down 5.25 inches, from all over. Not as good as when I was on LA, but definately more weight loss. I ate a lot of food with sodium yeterday so I feel a little poofy. I'm wondering if anyone has any good suggestions on what to eat when you have to eat out. I had a caesar salad with grilled chicken doesn't sound so bad, and there were only two croutons and it wasn't soaked with dressing, but I just couldn't stand to order something plain, or dressing on the side when everyone was eating pasta and seafood and all that good stuff. I'm going to get my hair cut off in three hours, and I'm doing something short, not short short, just above shoulders...which it hasn't been in a very long time. My boss said that everytime I cut my hair, it always looks the same and I want something it's time for a change after losing 18 pounds!


~**Dawn**~ said...

There's nothing like a new haircut to give a girl a boost. =)

I bet Heather would have some good suggestions on what to order when you're eating out. My friend Chele might too.

ericadanya said...

18 lbs in total? WOW! Congratulations! I'm excited for your hair.

I have such big issues with eating out, too...I definitely indulge. Recently I've been trying to make small changes, like pastas without cream sauces, and water all the time instead of soda. If I have to have carbs I try to stick with pita/hummus type things, or whole grains. Fish is always a good option too, as long as it's not too fishy!

Still...18 lbs! Amazing!

Heather said...

GREAT JOB!!! KEEP UP THE HARD WORK!!! I can't wait to see the new hair do! The only eating out I do these days are to Applebees and I know you are not a fan of them. I love the WW menu they have to offer...actually Ruby Tuesday's also have a "lighter side" menu that is yummy!

Anonymous said...
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