Thursday, September 27, 2012


This week I've been starving. I'm making good choices and working out but I'm still over my points most days. I still have 35 points plus left until tomorrow but I used activity points. I really want to lose 1.4 this week to say I've lost 5 pounds but I feel like this is taking forever and I'm afraid I'm not tough enough to make it.


Bobbi Sharp said...

You're tough enough!!!! Before you know it, you'll see those 50 pounds drop just as I've done.

I've found that I have a "hungry week" each month (wink, wink). It will pass, and if you keep reaching for the healthy choices you will see it does get easier over time to say no to what we shouldn't be consuming on a daily basis.

On a side note, you know my evil dirty secret of a splurge? Yeah... it bit me in the butt literally. LOL, my body hasn't had that much grease in one sitting since I started WW, and let's just say it wasn't a pretty time last night or today. :/

But seriously. Hang in there, lean on your WW friends for support. I think for me, the hardest thing in the beginning was figuring out HOW to eat. I wasn't raised with correct nutrition habits and so I had to ask for help. I needed to know what was a good meal plan for me. After researching, and checking the WW community, the answer is really simple.

Stick to your power foods, LOTS of veggies, a few fruits mixed in, good proteins and healthy carbs. It's an adjustment & I know exactly how you feel about not being certain you can do it. I'm here to say... I'm proof that you can teach an old dog new tricks. :)

ThunderThighs said...

You can do it!! We all have those times where we get hungry and start to feel like we are losing control. I think sometimes our bodies are just trying to tell us we need something nutritionally. Like Bobbi said stick to healthy foods. Even if you eat a lot of them, you won't regret it quite as much because you're splurging on foods that your body can actually benefit from. Hang in there girl!! We are all with ya here!

The Green Girl said...

Girl, you can do it. You have what it takes and you know it. We all have self-doubt now and then. It's only natural - we are human.