Saturday, September 29, 2012

Finding the ray of sunshine on a cloudy day

I recently applied for a transfer at work as I work nearly an hour away from home. The perfect opportunity arose and I finally felt confident to go for it. I had my interview yesterday. It was wonderful. And then it all crumbled. I made a big mistake, one that can't be corrected and it snowballed from there. I will probably have a corrective action against me and therefore would be unable to transfer. I have other reasons why this transfer was the next great step in moving towards my goals. So I'm am stuck in my current location/position and now have to do some soul searching about whether or not I want to stay where I'm at or look for another position. I'm too emotional right now to figure out anything that deep but I have decided to focus on my other job and my life outside of work...I need to make myself help to counteract all of the negativity I feel at work.
Anywho...I was in an awful mood this morning so I went to weigh in and decided to skip the meeting. I kept telling myself that I just wanted to lose 1.4 to say that I'd lost 5 pounds...I've just been feeling's hard to brag about 3 pounds...especially after 3 weeks. So, I hop on the scale and the woman says 4.6. So I'm thinking I only lost one pound. I was so dissapointed. I looked at her and told her as much, saying I wished I'd cleared 5 pounds. She was like, no, that's what you lost this week, you're down 8.2 total. It's hard to be joyful when so much about my job is in the air....but this was my ray of sunshine for today.


Bobbi Sharp said...

OH MY GOODNESS!!!! That's a fabulous weigh in. Sometimes you have to hang on to those little rays of light when all else seems so dim. Congrats on this week's loss. :)

Fat Girls Closet said...

That's so awesome!! I'm so sorry to hear about the job thing, but just remember that the right thing will happen. Maybe it's a sign? I got royally screwed out of a job about a year and a half ago by my former boss, and it ended up working out in the long run. Just keep your head up!!