Monday, March 29, 2010

Nearly another month has gone by....and I've been lousy at posting. The weather here has been wet and gloomy which sort of mimics my mood. The house buying is going well.....we're just waiting on getting our mortgage finalized and the closing but I have so much to do...I need to lock myself in the house for a week, but I don't have much time 0ff so it's been a crunch. My eating has been attrocious but the numbers haven't changed much. I feel like I'm powerless to make good choices when my life is so chaotic but I know that's a big cop out. Right now, I'm just waiting to get into my new house with my brand new kitchen and start fresh....that's what this move feels like - a fresh start! Hope everyone else out there is doing well!


MaryFran said...

Good luck starting fresh!

As for the chaos. I am trying to take the mantra that "when everything in my life is topsy turvy, I only REALLY have control of one eating!"

Emily said...

I feel your pain, we are trying to buy a house in Harwinton and it is going terrible... It makes me eat ALL THE TIME! try to stay strong! Make good choices and drink your water! Following you now! Good Luck!