Sunday, March 22, 2009

My new plan is to work on my health....well, it's not exactly a new plan because obviously losing weight works on my health. But I had a bunch of labs drawn, and the results weren't good. My cholesterol came back high....only borderline, but still high. And I already have a bunch of risk factors for heart disease, I'm over-weight, my biological mother died of a heart attack in her early 30's, my cholesterol is high and side affects of PCOS put me at risk. So I went to the book store and bought a book all about cholesterol and what to do to lower less, work out more....but I don't want to die....and after working in health care, I don't want my body modified any more than it already is....I like owning original tomorrow, it's back to FitDay, back to the gym, back to meal continue to lose weight and hopefully neck time I have my cholestrol reading done, it will be good. My OB is probably going to put me on metformin so that should help with my blood sugar and weight loss, my dad lost about 70 pounds on that....and I have an appt with a primary in two weeks to look more into hopefully I'm well on my way!


SeaShore said...

Knowing is better than not knowing, right? Now you have the opportunity to take charge and make good things happen!

(My next cholesterol test is next month. I'm hoping to see an improved result, too!)

Cammy said...

So sorry the results didn't come out so well, but you've got a good plan and can turn it around.

Ms. Gigglepuss said...

My cholesterol is still ok, but my mom has huge issues with it and has went on some eating plan her doctor gave her which made her scores dropped dramatically. When my doctor prescribed Metformin for my PCOS a few years ago, he said you'll love the side effect of weight loss. Ha!! I think I lost a bit, but haven't went back on it since getting insurance again...I better get back to a doctor :) It looks like you have a great plan so just stick to it!