Tuesday, March 3, 2009

The Munchies

Help me!!! I've been attacked by the munchies!!! I have been insatiable....and I hate feeling hungry. I think it's related to a medication and I'm seeing the doctor on Friday but this is ridiculous. I just googled munchies and everything is related to marijuana....I am not smoking it....I just wish I could get rid of the hunger cravings. Does anyone have any suggestions on how to beat the munchies, other than locking myself away?


Felicia said...

Find an "ok" munchie that you can eat a lot of and fills you up and best of all lasts a long time. My favorite is to keep all kinds of deli meats on hand. (Try the BBQ Chicken Breast if your deli has it YUMO). High protein, low fat, lasts a long time. All in all a great snack. I also like cheese. A little goes a long way and it gives you something "rich" to munch on. Of course there are always carrots, cucumbers, pickles etc..

Not sure if that helped but good luck!!


spunkysuzi said...

When this happened to me i went on the south beach diet and although i didn't feel great oh it, it did cure my munchies and now i'm able to choose healthier options without the cravings. Now i don't support south beach normally, in fact i do weight watchers but it definitely helped me.