Sunday, December 28, 2008

Taking a look back

Another year has come and gone, and looking back, this has been my most successful dieting year ever. I am at nearly 100 posts...who would've thought I'd have 100 things to say about this. And I realize that I'm pretty boring so my readership has really declined....but I'm going to promise that 2009 will bring more interesting things from me...I have actually spent the last year paying attention to what I'm eating - that has never happened...I usually had a bad day, week, month and just gave in. And while I've still had some rough moments, I have been consciencious the whole year. I've also been more physically active. I never would've thought I'd try to ride my bike 240 miles, nor would I have guessed I'd join a gym...but I have and even though I don't enjoy it, it's become a part of my life. And my life continues to be busy as usual. Things with my husband are good, we're on track to meet some of our goals. Our two biggest being buying a house and I need a new car...our friends remain strong...please have my friend's Heather and Stetson in your thoughts....they need all the love they can get...professionally, I recently got the job offer of a lifetime and while I'm pretty sure I'm not going to take it, it means so much to me to be offered. I'm getting ready to take my LCSW test soon, the highest license a social worker can havve so that's been stressful and expensive and I'm still coaching gymnastics, despite all the difficulties the past year has brought. I'm often very introspective and this year has been an eye opener....I am not the person I always want to be and most people don't often see the true me. But next year promses to be a good year as well. I lost 20 pouns this year and hopefully some inches as well, though the official measurements won't be in until later this week. I have a plan for at least January and I'm not giving up. Please say hi if you're still reading this...I miss comments and I promise to leave some for you as well!


SeaShore said...


That you stayed consciencious all year is excellent progress. Afterall, we're in this for a lifetime, right?

Think over that job offer carefully!

See you in the new year!

~**Dawn**~ said...

I hope you have a wonderful & successful 2009!

Mary Beth Rogers said...

I read your blog on a regular basis via netnewswire on my iPod touch. Hope you have a wonderful New Years & may much more sucess comes your way in 2009

Big Girl said...

Sounds like a lot of good things happened to you this year. Glad you're still around and hope you have a wonderful new years!

Dottie said...

What a great post. Sounds like 2008 was certainly good for you. May 2009 be even better!