Saturday, December 6, 2008

Doing better

My dad is doing better...that's great news. I'm doing good on the diet front...lost another pound last week. I'm 4 pounds away from my most recent low....looking to finish the year out on a strong note!! My sister and I tied for our diet challenge...we were weak, only formally working out 10 times during the month. But this month, since Monday, I've been to the gym every day except yesterday. The kicker is that my weight's up 3 pounds....makes me not want to go to the gym anymore...but eventually, my body will catch on and start losing again...I feel like I'm starting to look better at here's to exercising my butt off for the month of Dec, losing those 4 pounds and gearing up for another great year of weight loss!

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Skinny Inside said...

Its frustrating when the scale bounces around on you like that, isn't it? Just remind yourself that your muscles could be retaining water from the exercise-and don't stop!:-)