Sunday, September 21, 2008

Hello There!

Hi Everyone!! I survived Tour DaVita....I wasn't able to ride all 240 miles, but I surprised myself and was able to complete 131 miles, over half!! There were 225 riders, from all aspects of the company I worked for - from the CEO to the unit secretaries and everyone in between. It was all about "The Spirit of the Ride". I met some amazing people and had such a wonderful time.

This is me and our CEO. The company that I work for, DaVita, is a Fortune 500 Company. And we do some amazing things across the US. And our CEO rode 270+ miles and was involved with everything. Now that I've done this, I really want to get into cycling. Aside from muscle fatigue and soreness, I felt great, this is something that I can do!! And it's great exercise. Next years ride is supposed to be in Oregon and I think it would be wonderful if I could do it next year. I've spent the last 3 days since I got home cleaning...which is kinda funny since I thought I left the house spotless before I left. Between my husband and my cats, it was a wreck. But I also massively cleaned the bathroom and I'm starting to get rid of some books and old clothes on Ebay. I'm also going to store all of my summer clothes, something I never thought to do, but space is limited. We spent $300 shopping yesterday and got a new "used" fridge so it's all loaded up. I feel great and I'm ready to get back into the swing of things. I also bought a diet and exercise journal that lasts for a whole year so I'm going to start using that....hope everyone had a great week while I was gone, and will have an awesome week this week!


Holly said...

Wow congratulations!! You rode 130 miles? In what time period? Wowza my legs would be jello!

Heather said...

welcome back... hoping the food is south beach friendly b/c i need a partner bad! i want to get started now! can we get together to discuss?