Wednesday, November 21, 2012

The Plan

So...I came back from vacation and couldn't find my groove....I left it in Vegas...and then I got my period and went on a 4 day binge.....I was insatiable...but I was determined to face the music, sure that my weight gain would kick my butt back into gear....I was up 4 pounds, I'm down 2 of those. But I have a plan for December....I'm referring to the 12's of Christmas....Starting Monday, it is my goal to make it to the gym 12 times and to lose 12 pounds before Christmas morning. I'm even going to start a WW challenge for it too...12 pounds will put me into the 230's...a number I haven't seen since I lost my dad...and I was only there for a second and not in a healthy way. I am paying for WW but making stupid I will get through Thanksgiving, Black Friday and my birthday and I will recommit!! Does anyone else have holiday weight loss plans?


Dottie said...

I do not have any plans. I just got on the scale this morning and am so close to 300 it's scary! Last summer I had gotten down to 253. I will have to find some motivation and determination again.

Bobbi Sharp said...

My plan? Stick to WW and make smarter choices. To make it through Thanksgiving I brought some of my own healthy choices to the table because I knew that would be there wasn't going to cut it for me. And it paid off.

Stick to it, I promise you I too have slip ups but I just keep chanting, in my mind, "If it doesn't challenge you, it doesn't change you." This applies to both exercise & nutrition when you really stop to think about it. ;)