Monday, November 12, 2012

Recap of the Fall Challenge

I'm so glad I participated in the fall challenge!! I want to thank everyone for their encouragement and for giving me some new blog friend's. I draw a lot of inspiration from people on here and glad to see so many motivated women!!. Secondly, I'm glad this coincided with my decision to start WW. I just looked at a progress report though and I only lost 2.8 in the last 4 weeks. I know I shouldn't be disappointed, but I am. I guess I'd planned on losing 5 pounds per month....wasn't a crazy number but just ahead of a pound per week and I've fallen short this past month. I can't be surprised at myself though as I've not been the most faithful. I've tried to go back and track but I'm sure I'm missing little bits here and there....and I've been using more and more of my weeklies which means I don't lose as much. I guess I just need to refocus and keep trying....I can't wait to get through the holidays....they are not joyous for me!! Thanks again to all of the support from my fall challenge buddies!

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Thin Lizzy said...

I'm eager to see the standings of who is the front runner in this challenge!