Sunday, October 7, 2012

Week 4

Well here I am, 4 weeks into my current weight loss journey and this may be my most successful attempt. I don't know what's made this time click, or why WW even works for me....except it is. For the first time in a few years, I am hopeful that I can change my life. And that is good right now since I feel hopeless for so many other reasons. So let's start with my WW weigh in - I'm down to 249.4....250 seems to be the number I get stuck at so if I lose a little this week or even maintain, I'm finally under it for more than a flash. .4 pounds and I've lost 10 pounds....4 pounds and I've lost 5 tangible. My challenge for this week's fall challenge is to talk about what my plans are for the next 4 weeks...unfortunately and fortunately, my next 4 weeks include a weeks stay in Las Vegas....I'm hoping that doesn't ruin my weight loss but I'm fairly confident that I can even manage to lose! My goal for the next 4 weeks is to increase my activity. I'm not going to the gym, or working out with my trainer friend or even walking/running/hiking/biking....I need to do these things most days...I've noticed that I lost a bit of weight in my arms and I look flabbier...I have a ton of weight to go so I'm afraid I'm going to look like I've melted when all is said and done so my goal is to earn at least 15 activity points each week. Hope everyone else is doing well!

Opps so I didn't read the week 4 challenge completely...I needed to have 3 goals. So here they are:
1. At least 15 points of activity per week
2. Only use activity points and not points plus points for the week (this excludes my vacation week)
3. Show a loss after my trip to Vegas!

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Fat Girls Closet said...

Whatever works for you, do it! Weight loss is not a one-size-fits-all adventure, so if you're losing on WW and you're comfortable with it, keep it up!! Way to go on your current weight loss. Good (and simple) tip for keeping fit in Vegas is... walk the strip! Don't take cabs or anything, try to walk if you're going from your hotel to another spot. I used to live in Vegas (10 years ago) and walking the strip was always so much fun. And you're going at a good time of the year since it won't be super hot outside! Have a good time there!!