Wednesday, April 4, 2012


Again I've been slacking.....I don't know why I can't focus. I have all of these great ambitions and reasons to do this, I have all of these great tools and when push comes to shove, I just take the high road. I have two contests going on right is between a coworker and myself and everytime we work out, we put a dollar in a jar. The first one to $100 wins. The loser has to buy the other one lunch when we go out to spend our prize money. I'm up to almost ten dollars over nearly 3 weeks....but exercising hasn't been my's been my eating. I know that realistically I just need to follow my allergen free diet and the weight will pour off....I don't know what my hold up is. The second contest is with a second friend of mine...similar rules....$0.25 for every workout....must either checkin on FB or text pictures....we both use a fitbit....and $1 for every pound lost...weekly weigh ins texted on $20, we go out and do something physically active and the other provides the meal....I'm trying to convince my husband to do something too....if anyone out there wants to wager with me....I'm game - let me know!

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