Sunday, January 1, 2012

Happy New Year

Welcome to I say this, I'm gearing up for the most difficult self imposed challenge ever. I have devised a plan to eradicate myself of this fat suit. Of course it doesn't help that I've been watching Biggest Loser pretty obsessively. Remember Jon - he trained me in 2009 for my bike ride and we did mostly crossfit. The difference between then and now is that jon trained me for fun before, this time I'm paying him. He's also ding my diet. For the next 2 weeks I'm doing a detox diet. The only thing I'm allowed to eat for the next 2 weeks is a six shakes made from kale, apples and frozen berries. Oh yeah, I can have water too. I threw up today during my workout and my workout was more of a fitness test than a work up. I am in sad shape. But I am going to change my life....I need here's to 2012 so that I can reach my goals....I want this and I need to keep telling myself I want this! Good luck to everyone else who's embarking in a new year's resolution and a life change!

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MaryFran said...

2012 is the year! I"ll be cheering you along!!!!