Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Feelin' it!

I feel great today!! I know most days won't feel this way, but I need to relish in the good moments. I got up today and went to work early...worked all day and got to eat real food...did great calorie wise...went and got my allergy shot and then met Jon....had a slamming workout even though it was arms and my arms are weak....then I coached for 2.5 hours....great practice....stopped at the grocery store after that and picked up friendly foods and came home and cooked dinner....I waited too long to eat but I'm working on remedying that....each day the scale starts creaping lower...I am on my way!


MaryFran said...

Relish in the success and the great day! Each day like this builds upon each other!!!

Keep it up!

Mary said...

Great job on an active day AND buying healthy food at the supermarket when you're on an empty stomach!