Monday, December 12, 2011


I'm angry today....and I need it to be ok that I'm voicing this. I was pretty good all wekk, wearing the fitbit, working out 4 days and tracking everything I ate, including the not so good stuff...and I had a pretty good week....and today the scale gifted me with a 3 pound gain. I didn't eat nearly enough extra to merit that....and I'm frustrated because it seems like I'm treading water or standing still. I know the fact that I ate salty stuff yesterday impacted that and I know that my missing periods affect that....but something's got to give~~!


MaryFran said...

Do not be pissed....keep doing what you are doing.....the scales WILL eventually show your effort!!!

The Green Girl said...

::hugs:: Keep at it, girl. It's going to pay off.