Wednesday, January 5, 2011


I have to say, that it's been very liberating to not have a New Years Resolution - I am proud to say that I'm not lumped in with the 100's of people who just joined the gym, or bulked up on veggies....good for everyone who did though, I admire your commitment. I've been reading lots of blogs this week - I need to some new blog friends - and I see lots of people who are committing to change this year. I am too - just 18 days into the year....and I'm finding reading everyone's stuff to just help me to build excitement for my own quest. I'm not setting crazy goals, I'm not setting more than one - as it stands now - I want to lose 15lbs between my surgery and March 1st. I will do an official weigh in on Jan. 17th. I want my blog to be entertaining, motivating, a window into my little life - I want it to be positive and supportive and I want people to enjoy it, enjoy me...I'm really looking forward to beginning a relationship with myself, for myself - Please join me!


Skinny Inside said...

Best wishes for a speedy recovery from your surgery. Just take it one day/step at a time:-)

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Pretty Pauline said...

I need some new blog friends, too! I am very excited about 2011 and have a new attitude~hopefully that will take me farther than any list of resolutions.