Monday, July 6, 2009

Thank you and HELP ME

First I want to thank the 7 people who still read my blog...and thank you to the handful of lurkers as well. It is nice to feel heard and share a common struggle...speaking of struggle...I am eating everything in sight! I have been training with my trainer now for a month and a half and I feel so totally different but I haven't lost any weight...and part of my problem is that I'm eating too much. I just went shopping tonight and the house has food but my life has been crazy....went to a concert, had a picnic, went to a team party, working two jobs, going to the gym and getting home late...the excuses are innumerable...this week I have a training session tomorrow and work before and after, Wednesday I have work then going to a chiropractor, Thursday is work and a training session and Friday is a white water rafting party for one of my gymnasts...Saturday I have off for once and hope to spend with hubby and Sunday I'm going to the circus....somewhere in there I need to study. Finally...just reaching out there...I still need more donations for my bike ride....for the actual group and for myself....I'm trying to buy a nice bike since this is something I really enjoy and I need to pay for my if anyone is willing to donate, here's my link:


Cammy said...

Think of the exercise as building a foundation. Your muscles will be ready to burn the fat more efficiently when you adjust to more nutritious eating. It's certainly better than not doing *anything*, so pat yourself on the back for that!

Angie (Losing It and Loving It) said...

I hear ya about the eating. I have been over doing it a bit myself. Gotta move along and get back into the groove.

It's been a crazy month with a sick dog, hubs had to go to the hospital one day and I have only been walking and 30 Day shredding, nothing else. I have to kick it up a notch that is for sure.

Sounds like you are busy busy busy!

Heather said...

please know my thoughts will be with you during your ride...unfortunately my wallet will not be. i could not even donate to the walk for life karens family does in memory of her husband and my mom.