Monday, August 26, 2013

Must. Have. Sugar!!!

Hi everyone...or anyone....I am alive...although, according to all of the research I've done lately, I'm pretty close to dead. I read a book on PCOS and it scared me....made me think my days are numbered...and it's right...but in the book, it suggested meeting with a dieititian. I had treid to do this in the past but when I called, they'd ask me if I wanted surgery, if I had high blood pressure or if I was diabetic. The answer was no to all 3 questions....but wasn't the point of meeting with a dieititian so I wouldn't need surgery or have medical complications. So I tried weight watcher, I tried eating allergy free, I joined the swim team....but had the same results all 3 weight I finally went to see a dieititian, one who specializes in allergies, weight loss and reproductive issues....and I'm doing a candida cleanse....and I am having the worst headache ever....but this is only for 2 weeks....and I am excited for where this is going!! I'll keep you all posted!!

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