Monday, December 31, 2012


2012 is wrapping up in a rather anticlimactic way. Aside from having lunch with my husband's uncle, we've done nothing but watch TV/movies....and have no plans to do anything different for the rest of the evening. I just read some fb post and other news stories that have sombered me up....Each new year bring a renewed sense of resolve and of course I plan on jumping back on the food bandwagon...I've been eating like a wild woman the past 2 days...but I feel like change is coming...and not necessarily in a good way or bad's been my experience that odd numbered years bring bad things...though I got married in '07...and lost my pumpkin in an even year...I just feel like life is very different from how I planned it, that I'm missing out on opportunities, that I'm holding myself back by not following through or making the tough I look forward to 2013 with trepidation...I don't know what it will bring but I hope it brings strength to me...strength to stick with my weight loss journey, to battle through whatever difficult times are ahead and to direct myself towards where I want to be...Happy New Years to all!

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MaryFran said...

You are going to MAKE 2013 your year! I won't hear of any other way!!!!!!!

Hugs to you this New Years Eve (and day)