Sunday, April 24, 2011

Return of the MOJO~

I feel like I'm finally getting my groove on!!! I went to PT at 6AM 3 days this week - and it was good!! I woke up early every day and didn't feel any more exhausted than normal. I forced myself to go to bed early. I spent a lot of time this week helping a friend edit her thesis...I'm proud of her - she did a great job!! Despite today being Easter ( Happy Easter), we made it to Lowes and bought a rake and I spent 2 hours outside raking...cleaned out my tulips and one bed of bushes and cleaned up the back of the house...what a mess!! I even found two men's sneakers and one little girl's shoe...then I moved into the house and emptied 3 boxes which meant reorganizing every cabinet....I am so exhausted...but then I made and ate dinner, made lunch for my husband and I and put away some laundry.....the husband has done some stuff on the house too...we're finally both working on it! I bought some more Sensa stuff....a carrying container, some chews and a 10 day jump start...May 1st - here I come!!! The lawn mower and the bike both made it to the shop for their tune ups so I should be mowing and riding soon...and gyming's hoping this mojo continues!!