Monday, August 31, 2009

I passed!!!

My months of studying have finally ended in the result I was hoping for - I passed. I am now officially a Licensed Clinical Social Worker!! Tomorrow is day 1 of my challenge to lose 20lbs by New Years....I lost a bit this year and I'm hoping to lose a bit more...of course I choose a day in a week where everyone wants to celebrate...tomorrow we're having a party for one of my co-workers who's a first time grandma and I'm going out to dinner to celebrate...who knows what else this week brings but I'm really hoping to kick this in the butt!!! My bike ride is in 20 days too!! It's not too late if you want to be my email buddy (MaryFran...I'm going to get back to you one of these days!!) Thanks!

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Help me x2

Hi everyone...I'm back from was good, I'll post pics soon!! I need help was supposed to be the day that we had to have our fundraising money in by....I'm short by $100....please, if anyone could donate $5, it means everything to me...I'm riding in honor of my dad..who dealt with kidney disease and who I miss terribly...who I'm sure if proud of me for doing this again, so please help, pass this on to anyone you know who'd help!! Here's the link to donate!!

The second thing I need help with is I need a diet buddy...I am serious about kicking off another weight loss effort...but I'm looking for a blog buddy, an email buddy, a facebook buddy and AIM buddy...anyone who's willing to talk to me nearly daily to discuss my day....I have an ulterior motive (not a bad one!) that I'll share with the lucky one...but I'm looking to shed some serious weight between now and next spring...thanks!!