Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Help me x2

Hi everyone...I'm back from was good, I'll post pics soon!! I need help was supposed to be the day that we had to have our fundraising money in by....I'm short by $100....please, if anyone could donate $5, it means everything to me...I'm riding in honor of my dad..who dealt with kidney disease and who I miss terribly...who I'm sure if proud of me for doing this again, so please help, pass this on to anyone you know who'd help!! Here's the link to donate!!

The second thing I need help with is I need a diet buddy...I am serious about kicking off another weight loss effort...but I'm looking for a blog buddy, an email buddy, a facebook buddy and AIM buddy...anyone who's willing to talk to me nearly daily to discuss my day....I have an ulterior motive (not a bad one!) that I'll share with the lucky one...but I'm looking to shed some serious weight between now and next spring...thanks!!


MaryFran said...

I would be more than willing to have a blog butty/email buddy, facebook buddy...all of the above and whatever else! I had been toying with going back to weight watchers, but my work prohibits me from going to the same meeting each week. I would have to go to a different meeting each week. I started to think and the meetings are not what worked for me. It was the support that I received from the people that I got to know at my meeting. It's the everyday continual support from someone that is going through the same thing that helps me! So I would be more than willing. Very willing!!!

MaryFran said...

Oh yeah....and I have been trying to turn the tide and get serious about my weight loss! I forgot that part in my previous comment!!!

Twix said...

Lol, yep... that's me! I seriously need to kick ass in losing and getting under 300 by spring. Such a short drop in weight and well, just can't seem to do it. ;-) Feel free to email me ,; although I will tell you things are a mess. Perhaps it would be best just to say hey what's up and are you on track! :) Twix