Thursday, June 4, 2009

Stood up

So today I went to the gym for my Thursday training session....I expected it to be pretty intense today since all I did on Tuesday was run. Jon said I needed to burn off my weekend celebration...and that today's workout would be tough. I did my warm up, stetched and waited....went downstairs...Jon left to go to a fundraiser....but I'm proud of myself. Normally, I would've said, Well I worked out a little bit, got a sweat, might as well leave...but instead I stayed and rode the bike for 6 miles, and a great time and then sat in the sauna for 10 minutes, took a shower, picked up dinner, which I didn't eat, went to my mom's and here I am...I'm proud of myself...
I also won Cammy's give-away so I'm wicked excited! Yoga here I come!

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Anonymous said...

Good for you. You had a great day and winning a prize to boot!